Since 1993 Kir Noel has worked as a Medical Intuitive. She utilizes her skill of accessing body chemistry to enhance the health of her clients and works with her clients' medical professionals as needed. She has two locations- Woodstock, N.Y. and New York City.
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“Our optimum health is achieved by our daily maintenance of the physical, mental and spiritual self."


-Kir Noel, Medical Intuitive


My Story

Growing up in a family as the middle of three children (all adopted from different families) taught me to be open to all possibilities. I established a basic reliance on my interior as a safe haven.

As a young woman I was introduced to my teacher Rev. Ellen Resch (a spiritual psychic), under whose mentorship I explored the phenomenon of my interior skills. As I worked with her I met like minded people. This led me to Olive Leaf Wholeness Center in NYC where, for four years, I practiced professionally with other Alternative Practitioners as well as Medical doctors.

This has served as the foundation of my ongoing practice for the past 23 years. My connection to you engages your biochemistry in such a way that enhances your physical ability to heal.