Kir Noel Medical Intuitive
"I dedicate my work to the Healing of all Sentient Beings."
Kir Noel-Medical Intuitive-Since 1993 Kir Noel has worked as a professional medical intuitive healer. In the style similar to Edgar Cayce, she uses her sight to access the physical interior and describe what she sees as well as enhance the immune response to ailments. She has worked along with medical practitioners at hospitals and with physician supervision throughout her career. Her work is not a substitute for medical care.


  1. "Kir Noel is an amazing medical intuitive! She worked on my daughter and healed her of a hearing disorder which brought her hearing from a 40% to normal hearing state. She also worked on me over the years and I really consider her one of my teachers/masters here on earth. Her medical intuitive insight and ability to heal is a phenomenon and her generosity abounds. I have always held her in my heart and thanked her many times in the etheric realms and finally in words. "                                                                      
  2. “I had the great privilege of working with Kir for a period of many months at a time when my health was challenged.  Kir is a person of great love and compassion and tremendous caringness and a deep sensitivity, and I have to say she is doing God’s Work… helping people to heal from the inside out.  She was laser like in her diagnoses, and worked to resolve the physical issues that were manifesting as imbalance and unwellness.  She is a rare person of shining integrity and pure intention, and I would not hesitate to recommend her if you have the opportunity to work with her.  Every time I think of her, a surge of tremendous gratitude wells up in my heart.”
Medical Intuitive Kir Noel

Medical Intuitive Kir Noel

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