Two sides to every story- Politics...

If we examine any situation there are always two sides. But there may be a side whose entire rhetoric is hate and destruction and there aim is to harm others. In that story our leadership needs to protect the non- haters and non violent people from this by describing and condemning the assailants. In the new rhetoric maybe the young girls who were abducted in Nigeria said , "NO" and were guilty of making there assailants act as they did or WWII Germany would have been nice if we had all just cooperated. The need for a voice of reason is the quintessential quality of a true leader. We currently have no leader in our country!!!!

Pussy footing non commitment to help the harmed , attacked and imprisoned will have the effect of making those who wish to overturn the order of this world feel empowered.

Can we do something about this????

-Kir Noel