Commitment to Connections

Let’s say life is a constant challenge for all of us. We all know someone who seems to have it all and yet they also suffer with the rest of us. I can always see the suffering in every persons I meet as well as their light. Being with it all, is my challenge.

Life Challenges Us to Love Without Strings-

“The concept of just being compassionate and loving no matter what the circumstances is profound. The self knows what it is to love unconditionally, it is what we want for ourselves.The challenge is to apply it even when you are personally letting someone go . When I find it then I am clear and fear sidesteps the human experience of pure love for someone else.”

Under the most stressful situations we see who we really are-

In my own life challenging times clearly define my ability to overcome my fear based thinking.

If work on this path regularly so when my conditioned thoughts come up, I can pose a calm and gentle response to myself. I create a new approach that mirrors my heartfelt beliefs and not run on my pre-programmed responses that I got from witnessing what I did in my early life. I find this is my lifelong journey as the core thoughts came when I was most vulnerable.#healer


 As a culture the word responsibility is reserved for the few areas of our lives that we venture into this discussion. If we become a doctor for instance. I would like to suggest we adopt the attitude that the word is taught and developed into our main stream consciousness at the earliest age. Maybe then we will take our role to elect competent leaders seriously. #healer


We all share one home and we all share the water, air, and resources. If polluted water and garbage are anywhere in the world then we are all affected. Nothing separates our water and air from the rest of the earth which means we are polluting our air and our water daily. Lets wake up before we cannot turn it around.


In our tragedy we often find a doorway to the truth-

There is an abundance of worldwide disturbance, so much so, that it seems to touch all of our lives. In examining the pain it causes us, there are new avenues in ourselves that get reopened. Through many personally tragic moments (especially as children) we closed those inner doors to safeguard ourselves. Often as adults, the challenge is to find wars to pry them open again.#healer